10 kg slimming diets

“I wish I could take and become happy” is the cherished dream of every woman. And what is it, this feminine happiness? Surely each has its own, for the sake of completeness of which we always have something a little bit missing. One for happiness is enough to change the hairstyle or buy new shoes, the other to reach career heights, while the third one needs to lose 10 kg. First of all, we all resort to the help of friends and get dozens of conflicting tips from them. Then we turn to the Internet, where there are hundreds of times more tips and tricks. Sites are full of various diets - fast and slow, rigid and not very, showing the "pros" and "cons" of each of them and warning of all kinds of difficulties, which not everyone can overcome.

But no one even says that it will be easy, you need to go to your dream, overcoming obstacles, sacrifice something if this is a real dream, and not a fleeting morning whim. Sitting in a comfortable chair with a cup of coffee and a box of chocolates, while dreaming about how to lose 10 kg - you will agree, a situation similar to a scene from the theater of the absurd. First of all, you need to get out of your favorite chair, remember all your snacks on the run, everyday tea parties with “goodies” with your colleagues, as well as a set of products consumed every day, your promises not to be harmful chips and hot dogs ... Let's try to sketch together a new strategic plan of action for the near future and begin to take the first steps towards "their own happiness."

First of all, arrange four meals a day for yourself at about the same time and strictly adhere to this rule. It will be much easier if you immediately enlist the support of loved ones or find allies among friends or work colleagues. You need to live, and you need to eat right. Breakfast is necessary, this is the golden rule. Instead of sandwiches with butter and smoked sausage, include cereals, fruits, natural yogurt in your morning menu. Our body must be awakened from sleep and made to work. Lunch should also not be skipped, no matter how busy the day may be. It is advisable to think about what your lunch will consist of in advance: it can be a plate of hot soup, a vegetable salad, boiled lean meat, and as a dessert - a few slices of dark bitter chocolate, marmalade or marshmallows. Dinner should be light. Let the steamed vegetables and a piece of fish or meat, grilled, serve as dinner. Do not forget about the usual snacks between the main meals (fruits, dried fruits, nuts). The only and important condition - do not overeat!

It is not worthwhile to cancel traditional tea parties with colleagues, because this is not just a joint drinking of coffee or tea - it is also a pleasant conversation and an exchange of the latest news. Do not deprive yourself of this pleasure, drink natural coffee, preferably with milk, or green tea without sugar. If there is not enough willpower to refuse a piece of cake, eat it, remembering that you will have to somehow spend the extra calories: for example, walk to the house, leaving several stops earlier. In general, move more and more often, do morning exercises or at least a few physical exercises during the day to warm up, this will greatly speed up the implementation of the plan. Eat more fresh green vegetables and any useful “grass”, including wild plants - a storehouse of vitamins . Fruits and berries are also good and, you must admit, a great pleasure. Once a week, arrange yourself fasting days: potato, kefir, meat, dairy, vegetable, fruit ... As you can see, many innovations will appear in your life. But since the previous way of life and nutrition led you to extra pounds, it means that it was wrong, and it needs to be changed.
You can choose another way - to find a fast weight loss diet and lose 10 kg in some 5-10 days, putting yourself in a tight framework and limiting everything. This path may be quick, but dangerous. Health problems that have come to replace weight loss do not need you. "Fast" diets are effective, but you need to enter and exit them, carefully preparing and studying a bunch of information. Therefore, let's turn our eyes to long-term diets, gradually reducing weight and giving long-lasting and lasting results. There are many such diets. The so-called national diets are very successful - everyone knows the English, Mediterranean or Japanese diets, which guarantee a positive dynamics. And we suggest you try the Canadian, Chinese or Scottish diets that will produce the desired effect and will not disappoint you.